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Computer auditing is the method to do data analytic all transactions of an enterprise such as of financial transaction, manufacturing transaction, computer logs, etc. If you enter this field, be prepared to study accounting, Information Technology, business law, fraud detection, and critical thinking in order to track the financial or business information of corporations and individuals. In the past, auditors were associated with terms like "live in the far corner of the building" or "Paper Crunchers", but that perception is changing as modern auditors are recognized as integral parts of business management.

Auditors provide business owners and executives with important financial data and interpretations and explanations of that data. If you choose to study computer auditing, you should be ethical, detail-oriented and comfortable working with numbers. Computer auditing appeals to many students because it often leads to high-paying careers with job security. And, unlike many areas of business, entry-level positions in this field do not require graduate-level education. It is highly recommended that you have a skill to use Computer Auditing Tools in a particular domain; a Practitioner or Professional certificate will qualify you for employment.

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