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Study Resources for the ICEA Exam


◆ Designation
    To attain certification, you must attain a minimum passing score is 75 out of 100.
◆ Exam
    This closed-book, 240 minutes-long certification exams is divided into two components:
    a Knowledge Inventory and an ESG computer auditing case study.
    The case study is CAATs free independent. You can use any CAATs, such as JCAATs,
    ACL, IDEA etc., to attend the exam.

Recommended Reading List

◆ Frameworks and Standards

    UN SDGs:Sustainable Development Goals
    UN WCW:Who Cares Wins
    UN GC:Global Compact

◆ Auditing and GHG Accounting

        CDP:Carbon Disclosure Program
        ISO 14064:GHG Emissions Inventories and Verification
        WEF IBC:WEF IBC common metrics
        ISO 45001:Occupational health and safety management systems
        G20/OECD:Corporate Governance Principles
        ISO 37001:Anti-bribery management systems

◆ Report and Assurance

        GRI:Global Reporting Initiative
        TCFD:Climate-Related Financial Information Disclosure
        TCFD:Sustainability Accounting Standards
        AA1000:Assurance Standard
        ISAE3000:International Standard on Assurance Engagements

◆ CAATs and Greenwashing

    ESG Scoring
        MSCI ESG Rating
        CAATs (Computer Assisted Audit Techniques) Training Courses
        ICCP Exam Review

Eligibility Verification

ICEA Exam Review Course (eLearning)
Local Chapters' ICEA Exam Course


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