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Hands-On Data Analytics Demonstration

1pm ~ 4pm ,April 27, 2023 (Thursday)

COURSE 1: Overview to AI Auditing and Applications 1Hr

Course Description

This course is designed to teach participates an overview to apply AI into audit. It starts to illustrate how Python, an open source AI programming language, can be used in Auditing. It will describe how to apply the AICPA’s Audit Data Standard formatting to a data set by using Python. It, then, introduces a python-based AI audit software and demonstrate how it can import AICPA Audit Data Standard GL data set into the audit software and how to develop routines to further analyse, such as data analytic and text mining in the audit process.

Table of Contents

1. Audit with AI Technology
2. Python-Based AI Audit Software
3. AI Auditing Practices and Applications

Learning Objectives

1. Explain the characteristics of the AI Auditing
2. Understand the AIPCA Audit Data Standard with Python
3. Navigate Python-Based AI Auditing Software
4. Perform an Audit Data Analytic Test
5. Perform a Text Mining Auditing Test


Dr. Shi-Ming (Jack) Huang FBCS, CAP Australia, ICCP, CEAP

He received his PhD degree at the School of Computing and information Systems, University of Sunderland, U.K. He is a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) Australia and received the professional fellowship from British Computer Association, UK. He has more than 20 years’ experience in computer auditing and accounting information education. He has published seven books, three business software, four patents, and over 100 articles in refereed information system journals. He has received over 12 achievement awards in information system area around the world. He has served as an associate editor for several international journals, such as Decision Support System and Machine Learning with Application. He has also acted as a consultant for a variety of Universities, software companies and industries.

COURSE 2: Python for Machine learning in Audit


Chanyuan (Abigail) Zhang, Ph.D. Lecturer-Assistant Professor

Abigail is a visiting assistant professor at the Department of Accounting and Information Systems at Rutgers Business School. She received a Ph.D. in accounting from Rutgers Business School in May 2022. Her research examines the implications of emerging technologies, especially Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML), and Robotic Process Automation (RPA), in accounting and auditing. Since 2017, Abigail has been working with several CPA firms to explore the use of emerging technologies, especially RPA, in their audit procedures. Abigail is the coauthor and instructor for the American Institute of CPA (AICPA) audit automation course modules. Abigail has taught Introduction to Managerial Accounting (undergraduate), Auditing (undergraduate), Robotic Process Automation in Accounting and Assurance (master's), and Information Technology in Accounting and Assurance (MBA). She is currently teaching Accounting Information Systems at Rutgers Business School – New Brunswick.